10th Anniversary Celebration of Founding Partners

Impact Giving’s founding board

To kick off our 10th year of giving, the Impact Giving Board hosted an intimate cocktail party in honor of our founding Partners, where old friends were reunited and reconnected.

“It was so much fun to reconnect and learn how far Impact Giving has come,” said Ann Duncan Levy, Impact Giving co-founder. “I’m so proud to have been a founding Partner.”

The catered affair was held at Sam Dawson’s home and everyone truly enjoyed the view, the food, wine and a signature cocktail created by Board member Katie Milette. Karen Wilson, co-founder, spoke about the creation of Impact Giving and thanked all those assembled for the contribution in making an idea of collective giving a reality. Board Chair Jennifer Lipinski gave an update on where Impact Giving is today. She noted that as of today, we have granted more than $1.3 million to both local and global organizations. And, according to Jennifer, our ranks are growing faster with the institution of a junior partnership for women under the age of 40.

To all who have supported the mission of Impact Giving, thank you for being the difference.