A Toast to Holiday Traditions

For many, the holiday season means honoring traditions new and old. Whether you do something special while trimming the tree, watch a special movie or donate to your favorite non-profit, traditions help make memories that will last a lifetime. We asked our Impact Giving Board Members to share some of their holiday traditions with us and you might be surprised by what they have to say!

On the 24th, our immediate family has a dinner and we watch Sound of Music. We also review a photo album that has all our photos with Santa for the last 21 years and the kids’ letters to Santa.

On the 25th, we open gifts first thing in the morning, go to mass, and volunteer at our church to serve Christmas lunch for people who do not have families to go to. We have been doing this for about 14 years after we found out that there were many people in the community (most of them elderly) who are alone during the holidays. When the boys were younger, they would be part of the team that would distribute gifts and sit with the elderly. It was amazing to see how their faces would light up to see sweet little faces handing them gifts and opening them.

Now that they are older, they serve the meals. In the evening, its off to the extended family and friends’ dinner where there are about 80-100 people who join in the festivities. This has been a tradition that my best friend’s mom started over 40 years ago (it was initially 12 people) and now my best friend is continuing the tradition. Our family is usually in charge of beverages and every year, we try something different: wine bar, martini bar, jello shots (beware) and this year its a Prosecco bar.

We like to get the complete combination of family time, friends, worship and service during Christmas.

Mia Costa, Marketing Chair

One of our holiday traditions is to make homemade crescent rolls which have been nicknamed The Almighty Rolls because it’s not Christmas without them. They are my Mom’s recipe, made even more special because she died suddenly this November from a heart attack. Everyone in the family will be making these this Christmas and thinking of my Mom.

Gina Chironis, Finance Chair

I make cinnamon rolls every holiday morning. I’m a really bad cook so it is always Pillsbury! I also always do Christmas cards. I know so many people say it may not be worth it because of social media, but I love hand writing out everyone’s name because it makes me think of them and I am grateful to have them in my life. 

Every other year we go to Ohio where my husband is from and spend Christmas with them. My mother-in-law does a huge Christmas Eve party and we eat Pierogis soaked in butter and creamed corn.  A true blend of the Midwest and Slovak traditions. 

Jennifer Lipinski, Board Chair

Every Christmas morning I make homemade cheese danish, and we take a break in the middle of opening our presents to eat one. Each year we also pick our favorite non-profit theme and everyone donates money in our name as one of our gifts. This year I picked anything to do with saving elephants. 

Lynette Miller, Board Governance/Oversight