An Update from International Orphan Care

In the war-torn country of Afghanistan, there are many children who have lost their parents and have no family to turn to. In many cases, orphanages and vocational schools are their only hope for survival. IOC identified that providing a few essential tools for a very minimal cost would be life transforming. With the $10,000 Impact Giving grant awarded in May 2018, $5,000 will provide 80 “tool kits” (sewing machines or carpentry sets) received at graduation; and $5,000 went toward installing solar panels for two buildings and two batteries for the back-up generator – which will provide consistent electricity at the school to light their educational path.

Providing Hope for Orphans

In Afghanistan, security during the summer and fall was abysmal. During the celebratory days following Ramadan, the Taliban and government agreed to a cease fire. Daesh did not honor the cease fire and attacked with suicide bombings that were deadly, all too frequent and seemed random. One never knew when an attack might occur. At a ceremonial gathering of Afghan Security Forces and Taliban following Ramadan to celebrate the cease fire, a suicide bomber directed by Daesh attacked and killed and injured Taliban and Afghan Army personnel.

Prior to and following the election for the Wolesa Jirga, the Taliban and Daesh attacked government offices and some schools with suicide bombings followed by a gun battle. Fortunately, IOC’s school was not attacked, but one of its male students died when he was too near a bomb explosion. The father of IOC’s math teacher worked at the Department of Resettlement and was killed when the Department offices were attacked. The father of one of our female students was killed in another attack. 

Despite violence and threats, the students continue to attend classes. Unfortunately, graduation has needed to be postponed because there was concern that a large gathering might be an attractive target. As such, the kits have not been distributed. However, the solar panels were installed and are working very well. Since the solar panels were installed, there have been many days when electricity was not available in Jalalabad – even to government offices. Thanks to the panels, IOC’s classes and office had electricity and were able to operate.

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