Update from Giving Children Hope

By working with local schools to fill backpacks with nutritional food for students and their families, Giving Children Hope’s “We’ve Got Your Back” (WGYB) program is helping reduce hunger in Orange and LA counties. With the $25,000 grant awarded by Impact Giving in 2018, WGYB has worked tirelessly to keep stomachs full, even when school Is out. The organization delivers backpacks full of nutritious food each week, with the need continuing to grow.

Helping Reduce Hunger in Our Community

Orange and LA counties are home to many in poverty. With more than 325,000 food insecure individuals, OC ranks 10th nationally for childhood food insecurity. Slightly more than 49 percent of students are on a lunch program. LA has similar statistics. Though low and no-cost lunches help students’ hunger problems during the week, food insecurity isn’t magically cured on Friday afternoon.

Thanks to the Impact Giving grant, there are over 900 families currently enrolled in this project, with an opportunity to enroll 600 more. There are 15 schools currently completing the application process – when those schools are signed up, the number of families will continue to grow. In addition, families have begun returning surveys indicating the program’s impact. Based on preliminary results, WGYB anticipates 70 percent to show an improvement in quality of life.

One Family’s Story

Veronica and her three children were facing financial difficulty and were forced to live in their car. They were enrolled in WGYB and when a school partner discovered their situation, they were able to collaboratively help them. The school found them a home to stay in, and GCHope donated home essentials in addition to the weekly backpack of food from WGYB. Now, they are  no longer hungry at school or forced to do their homework while cramped in the backseat of their car. Thanks to the support of WGYB and others, they are provided the essentials that every kid should have.

For more information about WGYB and ways you can help, visit https://www.givingchildrenhope.org/.