Grant Seeker

Grant Standard & Funding Principles

We Award Based on These Six Important Principles

High Impact & Transformation

Our Grants are awarded only to projects or programs which make a high impact by transforming lives, with obvious, significant change during the granting period.


Organizations that strive for self-reliance and are committed to lasting change.


Organizations that are results-oriented with specific achievable objectives.

Community Building

Organizations that demonstrate teamwork and collaboration among individuals and organizations with common interests.


Organizations that strive for original and courageous solutions, using new approaches to achieve their goals.


Organizations that make education a priority – for the recipients, the organization as a whole, and the community.

We Grant To:

  • Nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations that are sponsored by an Impact Giving Partner.
  • Organizations that fit within Grant Standards.
  • Organizations that meet the needs of recipients who have the fewest resources.
  • Organizations demonstrating bold innovative ventures.
  • Faith-based organizations provided their programs are available to the general public and broadly promoted

We Do Not Grant To:

  • Individuals
  • Political parties, candidates, or partisan political organizations
  • Labor or fraternal organizations, athletic or social clubs or associations
  • Fundraising, marketing, advertising events or sponsorships
  • Organizations that redistribute funds to other organizations or individuals
  • Faith-based organizations if their programs require adherence to or acceptance of a particular religious belief, or require participation in a religious service or activity

Our guidelines continue to evolve. Our criteria may change without prior notice.

To Request an Application:

    Our grant-making process requires that a nonprofit organization be sponsored by an Impact Giving Partner. At this time we are unable to connect you if you don’t have a prior relationship.

    Good Luck and thank you for the difference you are making in our world.

    Opportunity to Request a Grant Application begins on Sunday, October 23, 2022 through December 14, 2022

Grant Seeker FAQ

No. We support a variety of projects as long as they are high impact and life transforming within the grant season. Please refer to “Who We Do and Do Not Grant To.”

How does my organization apply for a grant?

You must have an Impact Giving Partner who has agreed to sponsor your organization.  They will contact you directly.

What size of grant can an organization submit?

During the 2023 Grant Season, Impact Giving will be accepting Grant Applications from $10,000 to $40,000.

Are organizations required to meet all of Impact Giving’s standards?

No. A strong application should have high impact and meet at least one of the five principles. For example, providing operating funds to a community organization may be a response to an urgent need, but not be a new innovative approach. This does not reduce its eligibility for funding. Sometimes the most viable need is operating support for an established organization or an innovative program; sometimes providing seed money to a new program will be the direction the committee chooses. Again, an organization should meet our standard of high impact and qualify within one or more of the stated principals.

Are requests for capital projects considered?


Are requests for individuals or endowment funds considered?

No. We make grants to organizations for programming, capital and operating funds only.

Are requests from religious organizations considered?

We fund faith based organizations where the programs are available to the general public, broadly promoted and free from religious programming.

Are out of state and out of the country projects considered?

Yes. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) in the United States and operates out of the country, a site visit will be arranged electronically, and/or by phone. Live stream video, Zoom and other electronic applications may be used.

If an organization was funded by Impact Giving in the past, can it be considered again?

Yes. We welcome organizations to submit a Grant Application again. An organization is eligible to receive funds for up to two consecutive years, and then are asked to step out of the process for one year before reapplying.

Is it necessary to have a Partner in Impact Giving recommend or endorse my organization?

Yes. It is mandatory that an Impact Giving Partner sponsor your organization.

Are requests for other foundations considered?

No, we do not provide funds for redistribution. We grant directly to nonprofit organizations chosen by our Partners.

How do organizations learn the status of their Grant Application?

All organizations will be contacted in early April 2023 by the Grant Chair to let them know if they have been selected this year as a Grant Finalist. Finalists will be notified if they will be a grant recipient in mid-May 2023.

Am I, or my Impact Giving Sponsor required to attend the Grant Committee Training?

The Impact Giving Partners who will be sitting on Grant Committees and vetting the grant applications are required to attend this training. The training is for Impact Giving Partners only. Additionally, your sponsoring Partner is offered training, as it is beneficial for your organization to have a clear understanding of our grant making process.

Some of my answers can’t fit within the Grant Application, may I use more words?

No. You are limited to the word count on the application. Overage may disqualify your application.

With the holidays, will we be able to extend the grant application due date?

No. All applications must be submitted electronically to Grants@ImpactGivingNow.org by 6:00 p.m. (PST) on the deadline given.

Who can I contact for questions regarding the grant application?

If you have technical / formatting questions regarding the grant application or submission, please contact Kim.Fry@ImpactGivingNow.org. For general questions please contact our Grant Chair, Kathy Osann at Grants@ImpactGivingNow.org.