Past Recipients

Congratulations to all past grant recipients!


We salute you and your vision to contribute in positive and meaningful ways to our communities, our nation and our world. Please take a moment to learn more about the incredible people and organizations that have received grants from Impact Giving.

Over 12 years, we have given 76 grants totaling $1,480,400 to 43 unique organizations locally and globally!

Learn about the Non-Profits that have received Impact Giving grants.

2021 Grant Recipients

5 Local Nonprofits = $100,000 Awarded

Beyond Blindness – $20,000

Received grant funds to integrate critical technology into the lives of visually impaired children (birth-22 years) with a new cutting-edge Assistive Technology Lab (ATL).


Girls Inc. of Orange County – $25,000

Grant will support their Girls Meet the Workforce program that will serve approximately 150 girls in 2021. This program provides girls with the resources, knowledge, and guidance to stay on track in high school, go on to higher education, and be ready to take leadership positions in the workforce.


Elder Law & Disability Rights Center – $12,500

Grant will help fund the hiring another full-time attorney who would contribute to on-going requests, assist with the heavy caseload and further educate. Additionally, this attorney would oversee the Wound Walk OC Project (a non-profit) which provides basic wound care and hygiene services to unsheltered homeless people. 


Just in Time for Foster Youth – $22,500

To support the Rise to Resilience Program, an evidence-based initiative that utilizes seven key strategies to educate and empower participants to process trauma and build resilience.


WISEPlace – $20,000

To support case management, housing assistance, financial planning and employment readiness for 100 women through WISEPlace’s  “Steps to Independence” program.


2020 Grant Recipients

5 Local / 1 Global Nonprofits = $120,000 Awarded

Bourke Family Foundation – $22,000

Lights for Literacy Program funds were used to provide 4,000 solar lights (at $6.25 per light) to middle school students and 5 library solar systems (at $1,000 per system) in Zimbabwe, Africa.


Bracken’s Kitchen – $27,000

To purchase a Cleveland Tilt Brazier with a 40-gallon capacity to create more stews and soups, a new hood and kitchen exhaust system build-out that facilitates cooking 90 chickens simultaneously (in an oven purchased with other funds) which allows them to meet 2019 goals to increase their food service program by 100%.


CASA of Orange County – $20,000

The funds will be used to recruit, screen and train 75 new new Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) that assist foster youth as they transition into adulthood.


Girls Inc. of Orange County – $20,000

The Externship program will serve 110 at-risk and underserved 10th-12th grade girls. As many as 90% of participants will be first generation college students without the example of higher education and the professional workforce. At least 80% come from very low-income families.


ReWritten – $14,000

To provide 50-75 participants with 1-2 all-inclusive take-home STEAM kits per month to help fill the gaps they experienced as a result of distance learning and provide nearly 1000 kits to our participants!
Note: the original grant to help purchase a van was reallocated due to the pandemic. 


Stand Up for Kids – $17,000

This grant helped homeless youth without hope or normal opportunities. Their young lives are impacted by violence, fear, loneliness and isolation. They yearn for a better life but have no clue how to get it. Funds were used to transition approximately 200 ‘last chance’ young people aged 12-24 off the streets, expanding this already successful Orange County program to the streets of Santa Ana.


2019 Grant Recipients

4 Local / 2 Global Nonprofits = $130,400 Awarded

Bracken’s Kitchen – $21,000

To purchase a Cleveland Tilt Brazier with a 40-gallon capacity to create more stews and soups, a new hood and kitchen exhaust system build-out that facilitates cooking 90 chickens simultaneously (in an oven purchased with other funds) which allows them to meet 2019 goals to increase their food service program by 100%.


CASA of Orange County – $15,000

CASA of OC currently has a waitlist of 225 children. Money will be used to train the CASAs, match them with youth, and provide direct support to CASAs by trained supervisors.


The Samburu Project – $24,400

$22K for a water well to support community of approximately 1000 people. $2,400 provides Samburu Sisters Workshop (SSW) for that community. Mandatory hygiene and sanitation workshops are completed by each well community and education for about 150 women on health, leadership, importance of education, rights to equality.


Warrior Foundation Freedom Station – $25,000

The funds will be used in the building of Freedom Station II in San Diego, which will provide transitional housing to warriors who have sustained injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are either active duty or recently medically retired military personnel.


Dragon Kim Foundation – $20,000

Funds will be used to support the Dragon Kim Fellowship Program, providing financial support (up to $5,000 per team), leadership training, and 1-1 mentoring to a diverse group of 41 youth to develop and implement impactful community service projects estimated to serve over 2,000 underserved individuals within our community in 2019.


SightLife – $25,000

To fund cutting-edge corneal blindness prevention programs in Nepal.


2018 Grant Recipients

2 Local / 4 Global Nonprofits = $130,000 Awarded

WISEPlace – $36,000

To triple their capacity to transform the lives of unaccompanied homeless women – fund 30% of the the architectural fees and construction documents.


Giving Children Hope – $25,000

The We’ve Got Your Back program (WGYB) works with local schools to provide backpacks filled with nutritional food to feed a child and their families on weekends.


Concern America – $25,000

The funds will be used in Chiapas (Mexico’s poorest state) to construct a water system/install filters in the village of Hermosillo, and install filters in 5 additional villages, providing clean water to 410 families (3,300 people).


Lotus Outreach – $22,000

Pay for 202 girls to attend secondary school via transport on a safe, reliable bus (at $13.50/girl/month for a seat on the bus, 11 months of school). Our funding will directly create access to education that is unavailable otherwise.


With My Own Two Hands – $14,000

Four 80’ greenhouses ($3500/greenhouse) to grow vegetables to feed and educate children in Kenya.


International Orphan Care – $10,000

$5,000 will provide 80 “tool kits” (sewing machines or carpentry sets) received at graduation. $5,000 will buy & install solar panels for 2 buildings & 2 batteries for the back-up generator which will provide consistent electricity at the school to light their educational path.


2017 Grant Recipients

4 Local / 2 Global Nonprofits = $144,000 Awarded

Bracken’s Kitchen – $20,000

To Provide a  Second Food Truck to double meals per year from 40,000 to 80,000.


Wiseplace – $20,000

To refurbish  the gym to provide services to approximately 100 homeless women per night.


Solutions For Urban Agriculture – $25,000

To provide funding to install a farm-to-table bank operation on 4.5 acres of land in North Orange County.


Families Forward – $29,000

To provide services to 9,000 near homeless, low-income children and adults and rapid re-housing to 600 homeless children and families.


Indigenous Education Foundation Of Tanzania – $20,000

To build a 367 square foot classroom to provide education for 50 new students.


Give A Child Life – $30,000

To provide 2,000 Mobati Bulbs, 500 solar lanterns and build a workshop of the solar installation team in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

2016 Grant Recipients

4 Local / 2 Global Nonprofits = $125,000 Awarded

Free Wheelchair Mission – $22,000

Providing 511 wheelchairs to disabled individuals in targeted areas in Eurasia, Latin America or Africa.


Voices for Children – $23,000

Training and managing Court Appointed Special Advocates to sponsor 60 children who have been abused or neglected.


Just In Time For Foster Youth – $20,000

“Pathways to Financial Power”:  Providing 65-100 youth the essential connections and resources to identify specific goals, overcome obstacles and achieve financial security.


Families Forward – $20,000

Providing stable and affordable housing opportunities for approximately 150 homeless families.


Indigenous Education Foundation Of Tanzania – $16,000

Purchasing and providing maintenance for a 32-passenger bus to transport Orkeeswa school students and staff to school and school events.


Give A Child Life – $24,000

“1,000 Lights and Gardens for Kids”: Installing 1,000 Mabati Bulbs and 1,000 DoorStep container Gardens for the poorest families living in the urban slums of Thika, Nairobi, and Kenya.

2015 Grant Recipients

6 Local / 2 Global Nonprofits = $125,000 Awarded

Family Promise of Orange County, Inc. – $10,000

Funding an outdoor care management area for 190 homeless families, providing both play therapy and parenting skills.


Voices for Children – $10,000

Providing over 500 hours of training for CASA’s mentoring teens ready to emancipate from foster care.


Hart Community Homes “Monkey Business Café” – $13,000

Supporting employment, job training and life skills for foster youth to help keep them from future homelessness and incarceration.


Concern America – $15,000

Providing advanced training for 20 village healthcare workers serving 4500 people without access to healthcare.


Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County – $10,000

Helping caregivers connect with other caregivers, bringing community and a sense of normalcy to families affected by Alzheimer’s.


Giving Children Hope – $30,000

“We’ve got your back” – 1200 backpacks filled with food each weekend, helping 4350 families so no child goes hungry when not in school.


The Wooden Floor – $25,000

375 at-risk youth will receive academic tools an mentoring to mamke college a reality.


Give A Child Life – $12,000

“Light up a child’s life” – Providing 500 solar lights plus installation training to a slum area in Kenya for over 600 adults and 2500 children.

Note: In 2018, the Board decided to transfer the assets to a Kenyan community-based organization to carry the work forward.

2014 Grant Recipients

4 Local / 3 Global Nonprofits = $131,000 Awarded

Lotus Outreach – $30,000

The Blossom Bus provides girls-only buses so 300 girls can receive secondary education in rural India.


Voices for Children – $25,000

Provides Court Appointed Special Advocates for 150 emancipated foster youth as they transition to independence in San Diego.


The Priority Center (formerly OC Child Abuse Prevention) – $20,000

Provides individual case work for 20 at-risk mothers of toddlers in Orange County.


Women Helping Women – $15,000

Provides job training and support services for 4,000 disadvantaged men, women and teens in Orange County.


Family Promise of Orange County, Inc. – $15,000

Purchases and maintains a van to support family rescue, food delivery, and school transportation for 120 at-risk families in Orange County.


Chhahari – $13,000

Provides 22 orphaned children school tuition in Nepal.


Action Kivu – $13,000

Establishes a sewing center allowing 60 at-risk women full-time work to provide for their families in the Congo.

2013 Grant Recipients

4 Local / 2 Global Nonprofits = $130,000 Awarded

Just In Time – $40,000

90 foster youth provided with emergency goods, supportive relationships and life skills.


Lotus Outreach  – $25,000

544 at risk girls in Cambodia receive bicycles, providing safety and opportunity to continue their education and improved futures.


Access OC – $20,000

87 uninsured OC patients will receive urgently needed surgical procedures giving them a life without pain and improving their quality of life.


Chhahari – $17,000

23 Nepalese orphans provided reliable solar energy, and the ability to continue their studies.


Families Forward – $15,000

Orange County homeless families taught long-term self-sufficiency through housing, financial education and case management.


KidWorks Community Development Corporation – $13,000

72 children in Santa Ana provided after-school learning center and a safe alternative to gang life.


2012 Grant Recipients

3 Local / 3 Global Nonprofits = $130,000 Awarded

Just in Time – $30,000

Provide a safety net for 60 former foster youth in San Diego county through life skill education and emergency resources.


Families Forward – $30,000

Overcome homelessness and attain long-term self-sufficiency by providing housing, financial education and case management to at-risk families in Orange County.


Lotus Outreach  – $20,000

437 at-risk and exploited girls in Cambodia receive bicycles providing the opportunity to continue their education and improve their futures.


R Star Foundation – $20,000

Provide women in rural Nepal with 80 goats to help build businesses, generate income, and develop community.


International Princess Project – $20,000

Create independence for girls in India once enslaved in sex trade by providing new skills and healthcare in a safe environment.


The Priority Center (formerly OC Child Abuse Prevention) – $10,000

Reduce child abuse in 70 families in Orange County by focusing on positive parenting practices, resulting in decreased domestic violence and increased family health.


2011 Grant Recipients

6 Local / 1 Global Nonprofits = $125,000 Awarded

International Princess Project — $30,000

60 Women in India once enslaved in sex trade will be given independence and self-sufficiency.


Just In Time — $18,000

Former foster youth provided emergency resources, gain self-sufficiency, develop lasting relationships.


Miracles for Kids — $17,000

Food and necessities for 200 low income families with critically ill children living in Southern California.


WISEPlace — $15,000

Women facing critical challenges will be provided shelter, stability and opportunities for self-sufficiency.


Women Helping Women — $10,000

Disadvantaged adults will be provided tools to succeed in an Employment Success Program.


The Wooden Floor — $20,000

90 At-risk youth will receive academic tools and college counseling.


Voices of Children — $15,000

Foster care program launched through training 100 CASA Advocates.


2010 Grant Recipients

2 Local / 5 Global Nonprofits = $90,000 Awarded

The Hunger Project — $20,000

Thousands of men, women and children in 10 African villages empowered to end their own hunger.


Free Wheelchair Mission — $15,000

Immediate and sustainable life change through mobility for 253 disabled people and their Families.


Helping Hand Worldwide — $13,000

Feeding, clothing, medicine and more for 20,000 people in Orange County monthly.


ASCRS American Society for Cataract & Refractive Surgery — $15,000

The gift of sight for 2,000 adults and children in Ethiopia.


Girls Inc., Orange County — $10,000

Teaching 240 girls to become strong, smart and bold.


Human Rights USA — $10,000

Protection for 10,000 Human Rights Victims against human traffickers.

Ethiopian Family Fund — $ 7,000

Healthy sustainable lives for 10 Ethiopian children and their families.