STEP 1: Impact Giving Confidentiality Agreement

All Impact Giving Partners and Friends including those sitting as Grant Committee members, Board members, Operating Committee members and staff understand and agree to the following to ensure the protection and privacy of confidential Impact Giving information:

The information of any and all Grant Committee work is completely confidential within the committee members only and specifically; and cannot be disclosed beyond the specific committee members, to any other committee or Partner, nor outside of any formal committee meeting convened, nor to any person who is not a Partner with Impact Giving.

No organizational information may be shared, regarding finances and financial projections, or any other aspect of the grant application or its parent organization.

All documents used in the grant review process are confidential and must be shredded at the end of the process or returned to Impact Giving, if requested.

Any Partner serving Impact Giving as a Board member or Operating Committee member understands that financial data, Partner data, grant application data or any other type of information is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed or discussed with anyone without a “need to know” to carry out assigned responsibilities.

The term “Confidential Information” as used throughout this Agreement means that any and all data or information not generally known outside of this organization, whether prepared or developed by Impact Giving or received by Impact Giving from any outside source.

Social media: Impact Giving supports communication on social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) regarding events and experiences by Partners for any Impact Giving related information that is not specifically identified as confidential.

Specifically the Confidentiality Agreement prohibits the communication of all information that is being reviewed and vetted by Grant Committees. Included is information such as the specific names of grant applicants, any financial details and any specifics reviewed during the Committees’ evaluation process including site visits. Grant Committee members must maintain confidentiality within their specific committees.

Committee members may share general information with other Partners such as the nature of the committee process, their feelings about the experience, numbers of applications being considered and general nature of the non-profits being reviewed. Questions may be referred to the Committee Chair or Board Liaison.