Hello, Partners!

Welcome to our brand new Impact Giving website! We hope you will enjoy browsing through, getting information about how to get involved, and giving us feedback! Click here to write to us.

There are many brand new things that are a part of Impact Giving this season: not only a new website, but a new Logo!

Our engagement with our current grant recipients is already underway, and has a new – well-deserved – name: Experience the Impact! Because we gave 8 grants last Spring, we have eight wonderful opportunities for you to engage with the recipients and experience how your funds are being used to impact their communities.

I just attended our very first “Experience The Impact” on September 30, with Monkey Business Café, located in Fullerton. They partner with Hart Community Homes, which cares for foster youth in a variety of residential and non-residential programs. The Monkey Business Café is a self-sustaining social enterprise company to help “heal, educate and empower at-risk youth to become healthy, productive, and self-suffiicient.” If you would like to experience the café, click here for Monkey Business Café’s website.

Also, since we’re beginning our 7th Grant Season, be sure to sign up for sponsoring a grant, or for serving on a grant committee, just click here, and we’ll get you started.

As Chair, I look forward to another great Grant Season with you!

Cheerfully, Karen Wilson

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