Meet the Partners: Holly Padias

Event planning extraordinaire, Holly Padias joined Impact Giving just three years ago and has made a huge impact (pun-intended) within our organization since her initiation. As a pivotal member on our Impact Giving Gala events team, it is our pleasure to introduce you to this amazing woman.  

Starting her career with a local restaurant company, Padias has earned her place in the hospitality industry by way of operations, talent buying, and managing. Some of her more recent resume additions consist of various management positions under Hillstone Restaurant Group. The company’s 4 values align with that of Padias: Professionalism, Teamwork, Aim to Please Approach, and Positive Attitude. As the current Executive General Manager of R+D Kitchen, Padias has become one of the most sought-after business leaders in her industry.

Growing up in Long Beach and graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in Business, Padias is no stranger to Southern California. Padias knew from a young age that hospitality and taking care of people was her future. Planning and executing events for family and friends came easy to her and she still actively arranges all holiday gatherings and major life events that surround her.

After many years of living in areas close to restaurant business endeavors, Padias finds herself back in Long Beach living in close proximity to her loving parents and lifelong friends for good reason – settling in, not down. Adventure still awaits, but as someone who shares a birthday with Christmas Eve, Padias has always been surrounded by loved ones on her birthday and looks to continue that tradition with her partner, John, and their baby boy due this January, and of course, her little dog sister, Littlebit.

In her hard-to-find spare time, Padias desires wanderlust, both abroad and at local ski resorts. Of course, hosting dinner parties for friends or planning outings for her family play a lead role in her adult extracurricular activities.

Having reached a good place in many aspects of her life, Padias began to shift from a career-driven mindset to having the desire to give back by way of helping others. This thought quickly became reality when Padias’ best friend’s grandmother, Sam Dawson reached out to encourage the girls to get involved. Holly and her best friend, Carrie Woodward, both joined after attending an event spotlighting different grant winners. 

As an event planner, Padias states that making decisions for others is easy, but her personal decisions always tend to be a little more difficult. For example, “choosing which non-profit you are going to volunteer with or donate to is one of those not so easy tasks, because you want to give to everyone.” With Impact Giving, Padias feels this particular decision is made easier since Impact Giving’s process allows multiple organizations the opportunity to benefit from our grants every year. “I didn’t have to narrow down who I was going to be passionate about,” says Padias. The nonprofits that benefit from Impact Giving are local and international – the range is worldwide.

Padias also loves that the small organization creates a sense of family and as with any organization, has the opportunity to grow. Padias aims to help grow Impact Giving’s membership to include additional accomplished and talented women who can learn and grow from each other.

Padias feels very lucky to be a part of Impact Giving, but we cannot emphasize enough that Impact Giving is lucky to have Holly Padias. Thank you for contributing and consistently contributing to our organization.