Meet the Partners: Kathy Osann

Over the last 4 years as an Impact Giving Partner, Kathy Osann has been instrumental in leading grant committees throughout the grant process and has now taken on the role of Grants Chair. We are very excited to have her fulfill this position as she is an expert in many fields, including grant writing.

Kathy trained as an epidemiologist and biostatistician at UC Berkeley and has been a faculty member in the School of Medicine at UC Irvine for over 30 years.  During her career at UCI, she has participated in research and teaching, working on a variety of cancer research studies and a national study of autism. Kathy served on the Admissions Committee for the School of Medicine and on the UCI Cancer Center’s Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee for over 20 years.

As a career scientist, she has both written and reviewed many research grant proposals.  She continues to work part-time as emeritus faculty on research projects focused on quality of life in cancer survivors, with some time devoted to outside consulting. 

Kathy was given a “clean slate” when retiring 4 years ago and began focusing on what mattered to her most – family and experiences. Kathy has 3 grown children – Collin, Lauren, and Kyle – and 4 grandchildren spread across the country (metro DC and Texas), as well as family in New England where she is originally from.  Family visits are a priority, but the California sunshine always draws her back. 

As a 14-time marathon runner and 50+ time half-marathon runner, Kathy still runs trails for fun and enjoys hiking. She recently climbed Mount Whitney and trekked rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon, which both stand out as unforgettable experiences. Kathy also practices yoga and participates in West Coast Swing and ballroom dancing.

Kathy was introduced to Impact Giving through longtime friend and current Partner, Randi Outwater. At an introductory event, Kathy told Randi that Impact Giving would be a wonderful organization to join once she retired and that is just what she did. Kathy has enjoyed her time as a Partner so far and loves participating on grant committees with other phenomenal women. She says the process is very rewarding and encourages all current and future Partners to get involved as much as possible.

We’re so glad that Kathy joined Impact Giving. Congratulations on your new role as Grants Chair!