Meet the Partners: Kristina Chatow

As a life-long nonprofit supporter, new Impact Giving Partner Kristina Chatow, has found comfort in the work that the organization has completed and continues to do for her local community. Having worked in the field of social work for most of her life, Kristina has directly seen the positive results that grants, such as those awarded by Impact Giving, can have on nonprofits and individuals. 

Kristina was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, and enjoys now living in her hometown with her husband, Mark, and 8-year-old son, Jack. After graduating from Mater Dei high School, she went on to get her undergrad in General Education and Masters in Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC). In her final years at USC, Kristina held an internship position at Orange County Youth and Family Services (OCYFS) and went on to work for the nonprofit for 7 years. 

While at OCYS, Kristina worked with children and families as a Therapist, Program Manager, Clinical Supervisor, and later became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She also had the opportunity to work with the homeless population and women in drug treatment programs that were nearing the end of their prison sentences. While helping all of these individuals, she worked closely with nonprofits that specifically helped the discouraged get back on their feet, such as OC-based Working Wardrobes. Kristina also aligned with other nonprofits like Girls Inc., and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), as she started to work in a private practice in San Clemente. During her private practice years, Kristina worked primarily with military spouses and children. 

Throughout her career thus far, Kristina constantly negotiated with county and state authorities to gain grant funding. The unique grant process of Impact Giving was one of the reasons she found the organization so interesting. She has been on both sides and understands how much it means to the nonprofits to receive money, let alone the large sum amount that Impact Giving is able to generate. 

Last year, Kristina sold her Health and Wellness Business located in West LA, to be there for her son during his childhood years. Wanting to be more involved with his life, she has become more involved within his school and in their fundraising programs. Volunteering has always been in her nature and eventually, Kristina aims to get re-involved with clinical social work. 

Focused primarily on being a proud mom and wife, Kristina shares her attention with one other love: USC.  Her and her husband have for many years and continue to support their alma mater through USC Athletics, the USC School of Social Work, and the Keck School of Medicine. In fact, Kristina is currently involved to the extent that she has been nominated by the USC School of Social Work to be placed on a USC Board of Advisors. While most family outings consist of attending every USC Football and Basketball game, the Chatows still find time to go on numerous ski trips every year. 

Fellow Impact Giving Partner, Karen Grundhofer, introduced Impact Giving to her cousin, Kristina just last year and the timing could not have been more perfect. Kristina had a “love at first site”moment with the organization and joined immediately after hearing about all of the good that has been done in just over 10 years by our Partners. Additionally, the Grant Process that Impact Giving follows allows for flexibility, which is exactly what she hoped for when returning to nonprofit work. Kristina is currently serving on her first grant committee and is impressed by all the nominees she has been observing so far. Next year, she hopes to sponsor an organization, get involved on the Board, and looks to see how her work with USC School of Social Work students may benefit Impact Giving further. 

With her business background and nonprofit work, Kristina knows that even the smallest donation goes a long way. She recommends that all women get involved as an Impact Giving Partner. As someone who knows how wonderful it is to work with a nonprofit, she says that being involved with Impact Giving is just as rewarding. Kristina is impressed by the giving spirit of each like-minded woman she has connected with since joining and is excited to meet more Partners at upcoming events. 

Kristina is extremely passionate about the incredible work that Impact Giving is accomplishing and can’t wait to get further involved with the organization. Kristina is 100% in, and we’re glad she’s part of our team.