Partner Spotlight: Robin Pierson

At Impact Giving, we love our Partners! Not only do they create a greater financial impact through an annual or monthly donation, many of our Partners also donate their personal resources, creativity, skills and time to help strengthen and grow our organization.

We sat down with Partner Robin Pierson, who sponsored our 2017-2018 grant recipient International Orphan Care, to learn more about what draws her to Impact Giving and the inspiration behind her passion for this important organization.

Would you like to share a little about your personal life with us?

At her log house in Wyoming, Robin grows crops such as corn, purple potatoes and goji berries.

I’ve lived in Laguna for more than 30 years. My two sons were born and raised here. I was lucky to be a stay-at-home mom after working as a journalist for many years. Before my sons started school, I built a log house in Wyoming. Now I spend most of the spring and summer there experimenting with growing new crops to the area like quinoa, purple potatoes, painted mountain corn and goji berries. Year round, I maintain properties in the San Pedro Harbor area.

How long have you been an Impact Giving Partner?

I excitedly joined Impact Giving a couple years after it started. My good friend, Liz Malloy, one of the most stellar human beings I’ve ever had the good fortune to know, told me about the group. I knew any recommendation from Liz would be solid, and it was.

What drew you to Impact Giving?

I knew or had heard of several of the powerful, smart, compassionate women who founded Impact Giving. Becoming a partner would give me a chance to join with and learn from them while caring for others with both discernment and cash. I was also familiar with several small non-profits working in the developing world. I had seen first hand how relatively small amounts of money could truly change lives for the better. As a partner, I could nominate these grass root projects as potential grant recipients.

What motivated you to sponsor International Orphan Care for an Impact Giving grant?

As a journalist, I travelled to Afghanistan several times with Orange County engineer and humanitarian, Hasan Nouri. Seeing the deprivation and loss that the children of his homeland suffered after decades of war, Nouri’s heart broke open. He founded International Orphan Care, a place where children can come to eat, learn English and math and also get vocational training. Upon graduation, each has a skill that they can use to earn money for them and their families. I’ve been to the school and witnessed the unshakable commitment of the staff and the students to working towards a peaceful, productive future for Afghanistan.

 What makes Impact Giving special?

Any non-profit, big or small, international or domestic can submit a grant application to Impact Giving. I love learning about people working to make a difference here and around the world. To be able to do that with others creates an inspiring and elevated river of positivity that I feel very fortunate to jump into year after year.

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