International Orphan Care received $10,000 to provide essential tools for a minimal cost that will be life transforming. $5,000 will provide 80 “tool kits” (sewing machines or carpentry sets) received at graduation. $5,000 will buy and install solar panels for two building and two batteries for the back-up generator which will provide consistent electricity at the school to light their educational path.

Description of how the funds will be used: 

In the war-torn country of Afghanistan, there are many children who have lost their parents and have no family to turn to.  In many cases, these orphanages and vocational schools are their only hope for survival. IOC has identified that providing a few essential tools for a very minimal cost will be life transforming.  $5,000 will provide 80 “tool kits” (sewing machines or carpentry sets) received at graduation. $5,000 will buy & install solar panels for 2 buildings & 2 batteries for the back-up generator which will provide consistent electricity at the school to light their educational path.

Description of Project/Program, what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address:

This project supports the Mir Mohammad Youssof Vocational School in Afghanistan where electricity is inconsistent, unreliable, and expensive.  Without light and the ability to learn, many of these orphaned and impoverished children will become further destitute and unable to survive.  Currently, the school provides educational classes and vocational training to over 200 disadvantaged children.  After they learn the skills necessary to make a living, they cannot do so without essential tools (i.e., sewing machine or carpentry set).  These children do not have the support or means to buy these tools to earn a living, which would help them work toward an independent empowered future.

Describe the Organization or Project as it pertains to the following Impact Giving Grant Standards-

High Impact & Life Transforming:

With the gift of consistent solar powered lights, the children are provided the ability to learn. The Schools provide not just a strong education, but the skills and tools required to earn a living.  That’s not only life transforming, it’s life-saving. Devastated by years of war, villages lack supplies, classrooms, or even entire schools.  For these children this is their only chance for an educated, self-directed life.


This program has both a strong educational basis and a vocation school, training skills that will provide an income after graduation. Courses offered include English, math, tailoring, carpentry, computer skills, electronic repair and entrepreneurship. IOC enrollment includes both boys (60%) and girls (40%) in a country where many girls are denied an education or forced to sit outside (literacy rates for girls is 32%). Thanks to IOC, girls learn to be independent & confident, finding jobs as school teachers, English translator or seamstress, jobs that are considered acceptable for females in this very traditional country.


Solar panels need minimum upkeep, and will continue to offer life-altering light for learning.  The Ministry allows the IOC to use the land rent free, making it highly efficient.  IOC has a well-established board and a large base of Afghani supporters.

Community Building:

The vocational school is behind the local high school, and students attend before and after school.  The community has supported IOC school since 1993 due to the positive and invaluable change it has immediately on the students and the community at large. Students graduate & become productive members of the community


For these children education and skills to create income are their only chance to survive.  Over 700,000 orphans are “living” in sub-poverty conditions and illiteracy.

Providing the vocational classes and the tool kits allows the children to get work that is meaningful and relevant. IOC proactively changes course offerings to current conditions.


Solar panels will be purchased and installed immediately and tool kits will be given at graduation. Staff on the ground will oversee both projects to insure fidelity of implementation.  Monthly reporting is submitted to the Ministries, thus being available for oversight.

Organization’s Mission Statement:

International Orphan Care provides education, healthcare, nutrition and community. The mission of IOC is to provide the orphans of Afghanistan with HOPE (Help the Orphans be Productive and Educated).  IOC serves children of the poor, disabled, landless, dispossessed and marginalized.  Our goal is to enable and empower them to reach their goals and live fulfilling lives.