Just in Time for Foster Youth received $22,500 to support the Rise to Resilience Program, an evidence-based initiative that utilizes seven key strategies to educate and empower participants to process trauma and build resilience.

Description of Project/Program that seeking Impact Giving funds for (what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address):

Scientific research has shown a direct relationship between chronic stress in childhood and difficulty achieving self-sufficiency and well-being.  The Rise to Resilience Program is an evidence-based initiative that utilizes seven key strategies to educate and empower participants to process trauma and build resilience. Through workshops focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep, healthy relationships, mindfulness, and trauma-informed therapy, participants are empowered to manage and lessen the consequences of toxic stress and become committed to healthier living in every way, thus optimizing their chances for success in the future.  Currently, the workshop is held in a two-day retreat style format.

Description of how the Impact Giving grant funds will be used:

Impact Giving grant funds will be used to maintain and run the program. This would include staff, education, and overall facilitation of the program.

High Impact & Life Transforming

This program will be available to over 900 youth this year.  All JIT participants are eligible to attend the workshops and utilize the resources of the Rise to Resilience program. Survey data has shown significant improvement in identifying emotions as they arise, understanding thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and how they affect one another, and a high number felt they had the skills to overcome life’s obstacles.  This transformation is accentuated by utilizing the Rise to Resilience program in combination with the other resources and programs offered by JIT.


Education is the cornerstone to this program.  Workshops are designed to educate on the impacts of chronic stress, and to helping participants learn to deal with past traumas and develop functional coping mechanisms. It also incorporates community health experts to share their wisdom and lead interactive health-building experiences in an annual conference.


Just In time has a strong, consistent donor base, and a long history supporting its sustainability.  They are currently building the donor base for the Rise to Resilience program specifically.

Community Building

JIT enjoys collaboration with 150+ community partners including dentists, doctors, attorneys, mechanics, care dealers, etc., who provide pro bono services.  They also have a large number, approximately 720, of community volunteers who function as coaches/mentors.


This program is the first-ever to make a focused effort to address the trauma and stress that mark foster youth experiences.  They utilize employees with first-hand experience, noting that over 60% of their staff have lived within the foster care system, enhancing the understanding of what is needed to maximally impact the participants.


Metrics have been established for the Rise to Resilience program that demonstrate improvements in emotional stability and ability to navigate life’s obstacles.  There are also strong metrics for the JIT program, which demonstrate improvement in employment stability, ongoing education, and long-term housing.

Organization’s Mission Statement:

Just in Time’s mission is to engage a caring community to help transition age foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.

Link to the website:   www.jitfosteryouth.org