ReWritten received $14,000 to purchase a passenger van that will be used to transport program participants, which are primarily at-risk youth aged 5-18. The van will be used for daily carpool services and outings to colleges, campgrounds and museums.

Description of how the funds will be used:
Our funds will purchase a 12-15 passenger van for the ReWritten program, serving at-risk youth ages 5-18. Most of the participants of this impactful and transformative program live less than five miles from the program facility in Section 8 housing. This neighborhood is dangerous and gang-ridden; a reliable and safe means of transportation is paramount to the ability of many of these youth to fully participate. Moreover, this vehicle would be further utilized to transport the youth to local non-profits where they serve their community, and for other important outings such as college visits, campgrounds, museums and the beach.

The program serves roughly 75 students at any time, operating during the school year (Monday-Thursday, 12:30-5:30) as well as in the summer when they provide summer camp and enrichment programs.

Description of Project/Program, what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address:
ReWritten is recognized as a highly effective mentoring and tutoring organization serving at-risk youth that provides critical academic and emotional support necessary to help them develop into confident and productive adults. The requested van will help facilitate full participation and reliable transportation to important program venues.

Describe the Organization or Project as it pertains to the following Impact Giving Grant Standards-

High Impact & Life Transforming:
The Rewritten program was the 2019 Nonprofit of the Year for California’s 47th Congressional District for its transformational results in the lives of the youth they serve!

ReWritten promotes 5-fold transformation: academic, interpersonal, creative, employment, service. The statistics of impact to the participants of this 7-year old program is remarkable:
• 90% gain improved behavior school reports
• 100% gain in their National Academic Percentile Rank score with 93% realizing an average gain of 30 percentile points!
• 97% graduate from high school on time
• 99% of those who graduate from high school gain employment/college/trade school within three months
• 85% Y-O-Y participant retention rate

One of the four program components of ReWritten is a plan designed to increase academic excellence by providing individualized educational support through subject assessment in reading, math, science and language arts, customized tutoring, and 1-1 homework help. Math and English proficiency district-wide is far below state averages at 25% and 39%, respectively.

ReWritten enjoys low overhead as it employs only one full-time employee, four part-time employees, but has a cohort of qualified and verified volunteers. They do not receive government funding but rely on two successful annual fundraisers, a steadfast donor base, and strong (100%) board participation. 25% of their support comes from reliable corporate sponsors including Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

ReWritten’s annual budget will allocate funds to ensure on-going service and maintenance for the requested vehicle. They already have an established group of verified volunteer drivers.

Community Building:
ReWritten fosters community building by bringing together participants, their families, and the community at-large to elevate the quality of life for each group. Through ReWritten’s “Better to Give” component, the youth are transported to and from volunteer opportunities at places like senior centers, food banks, and community clean-up days. ReWritten will leverage the passenger van to further engage within the community.

ReWritten is innovative in its focused and comprehensive approach to serving at-risk youth, both academically and emotionally. Their program is comprised of 4 program components:
Upper Hand – On-going academic testing, support, and enrichment
Roads – Monthly goal-setting and reflection
Better to Give – Regular community outreach by the participants
Script – Journaling program to facilitate the sharing of personal narratives

Indicators of program success include, but are not limited to; days attended, academic improvement, community engagement, and development of interpersonal skills. In addition, quarterly surveys and interviews are given to participants and family members to determine program impact and evaluate on-going needs of participants.

If the van is granted, quarterly and yearly reviews of participants impacted by reliable transportation and the direct correlation to attendance and program success will be conducted.

Organization’s Mission Statement: Bringing holistic support and restoration to fatherless and underserved youth in at-risk communities.

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