With My Own 2 Hands received $14,000 to build four 80′ greenhouses to grow vegetables to feed and support the education of children in Kenya.

Description of how the funds will be used: 

Funds will provide four 80’ greenhouses ($3500/greenhouse) to grow vegetables to feed and educate children in Kenya. Funding covers the full greenhouse setup including materials/seeds, installation and training the community on how to sustain the greenhouse.

Description of Project/Program, what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address:

Most compelling about the WMO2H project is its simplicity and three-part impact:

  1. Grow food to provide for free to children at partner boarding school or orphanage
  2. Sell surplus food (that remains after the children are fed) to supply community with nutrient-rich vegetables
  3. Utilize >40% of the surplus sales money to fund educational scholarships for local children (remaining cash funds teacher pay and school supplies)

Each greenhouse produces 600 pounds/harvest of healthy produce (often tomatoes, kale, spinach) to feed 250 people (4-6 harvests/year). Greenhouses provide healthy vegetables for communities plagued by food insecurity and malnourishment and educate children.

3 million Kenyans are in need of emergency food aid, and over 340,000 children under the age of five are acutely malnourished.

Describe the Organization or Project as it pertains to the following Impact Giving Grant Standards-

High Impact & Life Transforming:

Our grant will feed over 800 people and send 8-10 children to school for the first time.

The greenhouses create a reliable, steady stream of free nutritional food for children who typically eat only cornmeal mush, plus an affordable source for nutrient diversification for the local community.

They help diversify the diets of the children and community members while generating income from surplus sales that gets reinvested back into education (40% minimum goes back to education).


Four greenhouses will provide scholarship funding to send up to 10 children to school via sales of the surplus vegetables. The recipients are orphans or girls who have been rescued from forced marriage and female circumcision. These girls may otherwise be sold to marriage as young as age 8.

Additionally, the greenhouse project educates the local committee and school/orphanage children in farming and small business skills.


Once built, a greenhouse will continue providing for its community into perpetuity. Each is built at a location with an existing water source, ensuring water availability, and on property owned by the beneficiary school so that it’s real estate is secure.

The entire model of WMO2H enables the outputs of each greenhouse to be put back into the community, using sales money for scholarships and for educational supplies. It is a circular model that sustains itself.

WMO2H has 7 greenhouses in operation today and has proven this model to be sustainable and successful.

Community Building:

The greenhouses are entirely community-run. The model creates self-reliant projects and communities, and carefully selects locations in which the community is invested in maintaining their thriving greenhouses.

Each greenhouse is entirely self-sustained by its community. A governance Committee oversees each project and provides quarterly metrics reporting to ensure sustainability.


The 3-impact model (free food to kids, purchasable food to locals, and scholarships) extracts the highest value from dollars donated, and does so into perpetuity via self-sustaining greenhouses. The WMO2H model is simple, highly transparent, and entirely life-changing. The addition of a greenhouse completely transforms a community from one of malnourishment, low education rates and illness to a thriving state.

The innovative way WMO2H guarantees that the income derived from agriculture is used to fund education is an ingenious mechanism to ensure the highest impact.


Each greenhouse measures and reports out quarterly its yield, number of children fed, amount of food sold, and funds generated for education. WMO2H reports these metrics in impact reports to its donors and an African Program Director, Joel, monitors and oversees the local projects to ensure viability. None of the greenhouses built to date has failed yet.

Organization’s Mission Statement:

With My Own Two Hands Foundation provides water and agricultural projects in Africa that fund education and create self-reliant projects and communities.

Link to the website:   www.withmyown2hands.org