The Power of a Site Visit

Did you know two or more members of a Grant Committee conduct a site visit to every non-profit who submits a grant application?

Impact Giving Partner and Grant Committee Chair Marie Crosson

“We recognize that oftentimes an application cannot paint the entire picture of an organization’s mission and goals,” said Impact Giving Partner and Grant Committee Chair, Marie Crosson. “Even if the application may not seem strong at first, we still do a site visit to better understand them and what they are trying to accomplish.”

Typically, the site visit is led by one Partner who is an advocate of the organization and another who may not be a strong supporter. That way, we’re sure to bring a variety of opinions and perspectives to the table. At the site visit, our Partners typically meet the founders, ask questions and see or hear more about the work they have accomplished and how an Impact Giving grant would help them achieve their goals.

“It’s truly amazing how a site visit can open our eyes to the great work that is happening around us,” said Marie. “Site visits not only enhance what we read in the application, but sometimes can turn a standard submission into a strong contender.”

As an active member or chair of a Grant Committee for the past eight years, Marie hopes all Partners will consider volunteering on a committee in the future. “Not only do you get to know the organizations on a more personal level, but you become closer with your fellow Partners as well.” In addition to conducting site visits, committee members vet applications and determine the finalists so the Partners may vote for their favorites. Click here for more information.