Update: Lotus Outreach

2018 Impact Giving Grant Recipient

As we look forward to our 10th annual awards event on May 30 where we will meet our 2019 grant recipients, let’s check in with Lotus Outreach, who received a $22,000 grant from Impact Giving last year. This organization, who empowers women and children living in poverty through access to education, training, and care, used the grant money to pay for Blossom Bus – which provides safe, reliable transit to school for girls in rural Indian villages.

These funds directly create access to education that is unavailable otherwise; without Blossom Bus, school is only accessible for girls locally through Grade 5. Transportation to secondary school (Grade 6 and above) is unavailable, and it is too far for these girls to walk safely due to high rates of sexual violence in the area. As such, most girls are forbidden from continuing their education.

One father said: “The school functions because of bus service, if you take away the bus service… the school would shut down for all practical purposes. I am not sure if I would have educated my daughter had the bus service not been there.”

To date, Blossom Bus has served 688 unique riders, including 109 new riders added this year. In the 2018-2019 school year, there are 328 girls riding the Blossom Bus, including 230 in two schools in Haryana, 58 in Rajasthan, and 40 in college. There are also seven girls pursuing education at the masters level. In addition, 15 girls graduated college this year, and 13 began!