Dragon Kim Foundation

Name of Organization:    Dragon Kim Foundation

Organization’s overall annual budget: $ 353,170

Requested dollar amount for this grant: $40,000

Suggested dollar amount* for this grant:  $25,000 – $40,000

Description of how the funds will be used: 

Funds will be used to support the Dragon Kim Fellowship Program, providing financial support (up to $5,000 per team), leadership training, and 1-1 mentoring to a diverse group of 41 youth to develop and implement impactful community service projects estimated to serve over 2,000 underserved individuals within our community in 2019.

Description of Project/Program, what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address:

This project is compelling as it both provides funding and leverages the time and talent of local business and community leaders who provide social entrepreneurship training and 1-1 mentoring to highly motivated youth who otherwise would not have the experience, connections, or resources to develop and drive these impactful service projects. For example, a 2017 Fellows team and the volunteers they trained have provided an Arts Camp that to date has benefited approximately 175 youth living in OC and LA homeless shelters.

Describe the Organization or Project as it pertains to the following Impact Giving Grant Standards-

High Impact & Life Transforming:

This project has a potentially enormous impact as it is grounded in the notion of multiplying factors. As an example, two Dragon Fellows (who were named to the OC Register’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018) developed and managed a project whereby 130+ volunteers taught coding to 91 underserved youth at homeless and domestic violence shelters in OC.

Beyond this, they identified and trained a subset of these volunteers to continue and expand this effort, potentially serving countless underserved youth throughout OC and LA for the foreseeable future. The impact of the program goes beyond the Dragon Kim Fellow students mentored, and individuals served through their innovative and well-managed projects, and includes the hundreds of volunteers trained and inspired during the process to continue these important projects, multiplying the impact!


In addition to providing formal leadership and social entrepreneurship training to the selected Dragon Kim Fellows, the Fellowship projects have provided learning and enrichment activities to thousands of low-income and at-risk children in the past two years alone.


The Dragon Kim Fellowship Program was founded by two highly educated, committed, and capable individuals (Dragon Kim’s parents). The Program is financially sustained through private donations, grants, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising events such as their Annual Benefit Concert and The Dragon Challenge.

Community Building:

Each Fellowship Project brings diverse members of the community – high school students implementing projects, professionals providing mentorship, agencies serving disenfranchised populations, and more – with the goal of bettering the lives of underserved individuals. Current community partners and supporters include Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim, Human Options, Orange County Rescue Mission, Tiger Woods Learning Center, ClearFlow, OCHSA, and the Wells Fargo, Disney and Orange County Community Foundations.


This Fellowship Program is unique in that it enables high school students to embark on ambitious community service projects with funding, but also provides the important component of mentoring to bring their projects to successful fruition, and encourages scaling and longevity of the projects.


During the project timeframe, Fellows participate in weekly check-in calls with their mentors to review progress and address issues.

Each Fellows team is required to administer a demographic and satisfaction survey to the community they’ve served to determine satisfaction with the project, effectiveness of the project, and whether participants would participate again/or recommend it to others. The teams also collect data on variables such as # of individuals served, # of volunteers managed, # of hours of service delivered, and # of facilities/organizations partnered with. Lastly, Fellows are required to collect qualitative data through impact stories and testimonials to understand how their projects helped the people they served.

Organization’s Mission Statement:

All kids deserve opportunities to define and explore their interests, no matter their socio-economic situations. The mission of the Dragon Kim Foundation is to provide funding and programs to enable children to pursue their passions within Academics, Athletics, and the Arts and to activate tomorrows leaders today.

Link to the website:  http://dragonkimfoundation.org/fellowship/

2019 Grant Finalist