Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Volunteering

How many meetings do I have to attend as an Impact Giving Partner?

None. We have two key events a year; our fall event which opens Grant Season and our Grant Awards event in May. During the year we offer quarterly opportunities called Impact Intros where we invite potential Partners to learn more about Impact Giving. We also have opportunities to get to know our grant recipients by visiting the organizations or hearing updated presentations about a global partner.

I want to be involved but have limited time. Are there part time opportunities?

Of course, we are volunteer driven and we welcome every Partner’s involvement no matter how limited her time might be. Partners may choose to help on one project or to serve on a committee that meets only a few times a year. We have found that Partners who volunteer, even for brief periods during the year, become the enthusiastic Partner who truly understands the philosophy of collective giving and the impact it makes in the world.

What is involved in sitting on a Grant Reviewing Committee?

Granting to nonprofit organizations is the heart and soul of Impact Giving. The opportunity to review the grant applications is exciting and educational. Partners become highly educated about how much need there is in the world and how our collective dollars make an impact.

How much time is required to sit on a Grant Reviewing Committee?

You will read approximately six to eight grant applications prior to meeting with your committee. The committees meet between two and three times between late January and early April. Each meeting takes about two hours. Site visits may be made to some of the organizations as well. The total time commitment is about ten hours.