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Grant Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for an Impact Giving Grant. Our grant-making process requires that a nonprofit organization be sponsored by one of our Impact Giving Partners.

A Partner is any woman who has contributed her full annual donation of $1,250 or $105 monthly to Impact Giving.

If a sponsoring Partner has not taken our grant training, it is mandatory that she do so. A Partner who understands our grant-making process helps her nonprofit organization to write the best possible grant request.

If you are interested in applying for an Impact Giving Grant and have an Impact Giving Partner that has agreed to sponsor your organization, please view this helpful page:

Reviewing this page will help you determine if your nonprofit organization qualifies as a potential Impact Giving Grant recipient.

Please take a look at our grant process to the right and contact us with any questions you may have regarding our grant giving philosophy at Grants@impactgivingnow.org. We wish you great success and look forward to learning more about your organization and your specific funding request.

– Kathy Osann, Grant Chair

Learn about Impact Giving’s Grant Process

View our Grant Calendar to review the dates of submission.

How the grant process works

Our Partners bring to our attention non-profit organizations they know. These organizations must have an Impact Giving Partner that has agreed to sponsor them.

Not all Partners choose to sponsor every year, but it is rewarding to take your favorite organizations through our process — and thrilling to have them receive a grant!

Whether or not you choose to sponsor a grant, we all learn so much about organizations we didn’t know of before.

Grant Sponsor Training for this season is:
October 24, 2022

The deadline to Request a Grant Application for this season is:
December 14, 2022

Completed Grant Application must be submitted electronically by:
January 9, 2023

These Grant Applications will then be reviewed between January and April by our Grant Committees. The Committees select finalists from all Grant Applications submitted. Those finalists are posted for all Impact Giving Partners to review and to make the final grant selections.

Our Grant Committees are the backbone of Impact Giving.

Every fall, our Grant Season Kick-Off Event offers our Partners the opportunity to get involved in two ways:

First, Partners can sponsor one of their favorite non-profits for a Grant. These Partners help fill out our online application, specifying a particular project within the organization that might be funded. This season runs from October to December. Currently, Impact Giving receives grant requests ranging between $10,000 and $40,000. Click here to see a sample application.

Second, Partners can also sign up to serve on a Grant Vetting Committee. Each of these committees has approximately ten Partners who gather to read through about ten applications, and determine — based on Impact Giving’s standards and funding principles — which grant applications to move forward to the finalist stage. These committees meet two or three times between February and April.

In the spring, the finalists are put online, and all of our Partners cast their votes. The number of Grant Recipients chosen for each year depends on the amount of their requests and the number of Partner donations.